Water Reduction

Water is the most highly demanded natural resource on the planet. As a result, water conservation is an integral part of keeping our world strong.  It is crucial that we use water sparingly and ensure its stability for the present and future generations to come.



Running toilets, steady faucet drips, home water treatment units, and outdoor sprinkler systems are common sources of leaks.



Regular Maintenance Plan

Inspecting and keeping up with regular maintenance is essential to conserving water.  Instituting a regular maintenance plan is an inexpensive way to reduce needless water waste. It will help reduce the need for electrical power, natural gas, chemicals, and waste water disposal. In addition, you can improve water quality, protect drinking water sources, and help maintain aquatic ecosystems. It will also help mitigate the impact of droughts.

 You can make small investments in improving your Operations & Maintenance procedures, so that they include identifying and fixing water leaks, as well as minimizing water use in space-cooling equipment.

An effective water efficiency program should include:


undefined A water efficiency coordinator



undefined A mission statement and plan



undefined Employee education



undefined Communication of efforts to chemical suppliers and contractors



 For more information on water use, visit the EPA's  WaterSense .

Download our water conservation checklist here