Developer Assistance

As the industry’s largest vacation exchange company, RCI’s vast network – which includes approximately 4,200 affiliated resorts in over 110 countries and 3.8 million members – will enhance the benefits attached to your vacation ownership product. It provides customers with access to shared ownership properties around the world through an exchange platform that connects your project to a global network of affiliated resorts.

Developer Support

As the pioneer and global leader in the vacation exchange industry, RCI is known for being a trusted partner as well as a full-service, single-source growth alliance for our affiliates. Our experienced Business Development team will assist developers new to the business, as well as those who wish to expand their existing operation, every step of the way - from product development to launch, and throughout the operational life of a resort.

What the RCI relationship means to your business

  • Assisting with feasibility studies, business models, legal framework and brand/marketing program design;
  • Linking you with the best professionals in the business to build an experienced support network;
  • Giving you access to RCI’s global technology platform;
  • Providing expert inventory and club management capability;
  • Assisting in sales staff training;
  • Sharing RCI member feedback on resort experience and working with you to maintain resort quality and service level;
  • Working with you to create a ‘white label’ own-brand customized club membership product;
  • Engaging in joint marketing campaigns to drive resort occupancy levels and leads; and
  • Providing customized point-of-sale marketing materials and a whole range of innovative platforms such as RCI® PresenterSM , RCI® Resort Showcase and our newest addition, RCI LiveStream® .