Social Media Assistance

TravelVUE gives affiliates access to social media listening reports that measure the performance of content and customer care across all social platforms. By monitoring both direct and indirect brand mentions, TravelVUE is able to gather real-time conversations and brand sentiment, and provide actionable insights for social media and marketing teams. Whether a brand needs monthly reports or more hands-on analyst support, we have a variety of services to choose from.


 The TravelVUE monitoring service include

  • Real-time listening with our dedicated analysts monitor your social footprint in real-time, ensuring that any crisis situation is reported promptly.
  • Robust reports are frequently generated on brand mentions across all social platforms, and customized specifically for your brand.
  • Industry leading next-gen technology is used to provide insights on sentiment, trends and voice of consumer.
  • Delivery of customized, ongoing reporting and analysis of key conversation drivers, conversation spikes, channel mix, sentiment trends, overall volume, and much more.
  • Issue escalation and recommendations for response.
  • Identification of loyal brand supporters and strategies to leverage positive brand mentions.
  • SEO best practices to enhance brand perception.

TravelVUE monitoring does not only monitor Facebook and other common social channels, we are also receiving data from more than 50 review sites and over 270 million blogs, forums and news sites around the world.

TravelVUE is a state-of-the-art listening operation located in North America. By leveraging key data from enterprise social media listening technologies, we help affiliates measure important KPIs, ratings, and reviews in a meaningful and actionable manner.

Program Benefits

This turnkey solution can help you overcome obstacles in developing your own online monitoring capabilities including:

  • Crisis Management: Online criticism can evolve quickly into a crisis. RCI’s TravelVUE can help you to identify potential problems and address them before they spread.
  • Support: TravelVUE ongoing alerts to both positive and negative comments, along with customized response recommendations, can help you identify opportunities to interact with and learn from your owners and guests.
  • Market Research: Online discussions and reviews can provide a wealth of information. TravelVUE monitoring allows you to collect a wide variety of data that can help you develop and optimize numerous aspects of your business.
  • Marketing Measurement: TravelVUE monitoring will also provide data around online marketing campaign successes, and track metrics associated with social marketing.
  • Engagement Measurement: Through the use of TravelVUE monitoring, you can obtain a true understanding of how engaged your customers are, based on trends related to sentiment and topics of conversation.

People, Platform and Process

RCI’s team of experienced professionals are located in listening command centers in Indianapolis, IN, and Mexico City, and specialize in social media and online brand reputation monitoring. The team reviews data collected through its third-party listening technologies and categorizes brand mentions by topic and sentiment for further analysis.

RCI will work with you to build a listening profile specific to your brand and your associated properties. Initial configuration can be set up in just a few weeks. Our team carefully reviews all brand mentions. Items warranting attention—such as complaints or negative reviews—are shared with your designated contact along with response recommendations, so your response can be finalized and published. RCI will also recommend items you can leverage to enhance your brand perception.

You can opt to receive regular customized reporting featuring sentiment trends, mention spikes, issue escalation instances, and channel mix, which can be disseminated internally throughout your organization.

Program Deliverables

So that you may fully understand how consumers perceive your brand in the marketplace, the RCI TravelVUE service will provide:

  • Custom profile set-up
  • Ongoing profile optimization
  • Outreach recommendation and issue alerts
  • Fully tailored monthly reporting and review session
  • Annual strategy reviews