Education and Training

Even after traditional learning in school is completed, it is important to continue the learning process and to grow as much as possible. There are many resources out there that can help people get a better understanding of how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and become more environmentally friendly.

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Here are some examples of educational steps you can take for your employees and guests alike:

undefined      Start a recycling program at home, work or school.

undefined      Create a green team/committee to help push the property's sustainability initiative

undefined       Promote recycling program to guests and staff.

undefined       Work with energy/engineering consultants to find ways to minimize energy usage.

undefined       Create an incentive program to encourage guests/staff to participate in                                              sustainability practices.

undefined       Communicate to guests the importance of fresh water resources within the area and                        provide opportunities to allow guests to use water wisely.

undefined       Encourage guests to shower instead of taking a bath.

undefined       Have newsletters or updates on the green program to constantly update staff and                         guests.

undefined       Provide training on how to make prudent use of water and maintain equipment for those                  who use it.

undefined       Instruct team members to turn off lights when they leave rooms for a period of time.