RCI Champions

We believe that a positive resort experience for our members is of great importance. We seek to affiliate resorts that adhere to high standards of product quality and service, and review all our resorts yearly for quality assurance.

However, we also recognize that without the dedication of every resort employee – from the promoting a property to the resort manager who makes sure that everything runs smoothly during a stay - the vacation experience will not be complete. We believe that service excellence is the vacation ownership industry’s greatest asset; it is because of outstanding service that members choose to stay longer at a resort, or to back to the same resort year after year.

RCI Champions is therefore developed to recognize the outstanding achievements by RCI affiliated resorts and marketers to the overall growth of the vacation ownership industry in Asia Pacific. Since 2006, RCI Champions has encouraged outstanding service by recognizing individuals that go out of their way to make every member’s experience a memorable one in their respective areas. It gives RCI affiliated resorts the opportunity to showcase their establishment to not only RCI members, but also to other non-vacation ownership guests.

Benefits to the affiliate

Recognition for your employees
Do not have an existing employee recognition program to boost your employees’ morale? Leverage on RCI Champions as a recognition program that your employees can look forward to!

No cost or inventory required
Simply show your commitment to quality vacation experiences through your nominations.

Enhance your resort reviews and brand perception
Showcase your wins at your resort reception or sales deck - positive customer impressions coupled with great vacation experiences means positive reviews and increased inbounds.

Happy owners
When vacation guests experience great service and quality, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and this may potentially increase your resort’s trading power value, generating new leads, repeat customers and most importantly - happy owners.


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