Your Vacation Benefits

Because you and your team are considered “Very Important People” within the family of RCI® affiliated resorts, we have designed a special program.

Reward yourself with an RCI VIP getaway! As resort managers, directors and committee members from RCI affiliated resorts, you don't need to deposit inventory to experience an RCI holiday. Through the RCI VIP Affiliate program, you can holiday at RCI affiliated  properties around the world either for free or at a reasonable flat rate. Whether it is a ski holiday in the mountains or a relaxing stay at the beach, this added benefit of RCI affiliation affords you an unique alternative to exchange.

As an RCI Affiliate, you get to enjoy these benefits:

Free Exchange

Find your desired Exchange Holiday with RCI and then transfer your resort entitlement week

Deposit required: Yes

Allowance: 2 per year

Fee: No charge

Excess Space Exchange

Select from holidays in areas where RCI has excess inventory

Deposit required: No

Allowance: Unlimited

Fee: 1 free exchange every year; Standard exchange fees apply for subsequent exchanges

To book your VIP holiday with RCI, please email or call Resort Services during normal business hours. We hope you enjoy the VIP Affiliate benefits and continue to explore the world with RCI.


*Applicable for Pacific affiliates only.