Shared Ownership Products

What does a vacation ownership unit typically look like?

One of the benefits of timeshare to consumers is the added space and amenities that units typically provide, like multiple bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces.

61% are two-bedrooms


24% are one-bedroom


9% are three-Bedrooms or more


6% are studio


Vacation ownerships come in a multitude of forms, with varying use plans and ownership rights. Depending on the consumer, the sale price and the intended use by the purchaser, a developer can select the best fit for his resort sales efforts."

Project Type Buyer Motivation Typical Fraction Unit Options Predominant Configuration Product Type & Ownsership
Timeshare  Annual vacation One or two weeks (or points) 1 & 2 bedroom condos 1 & 2 bedroom condos Deeded interest in U.S. or right-to-use
Fractional Condo-hotel Rental/ investment Up to 30 days (non-consecutive) 1 & 2 bedroom suites 1 & 2 bedroom suites Deeded interest
Traditional Fractional Second home or rental income 1/4 to 1/3 share Midsize: 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms Midsize: 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms Deeded interest
Private Residence Club Second home 1/6 to 1/12 share 3 & 4 bedroom condos or singlefamily residences 3 & 4 bedroom condos or singlefamily residences Deeded interest
Non-equity Destination Club Luxury vacations in multiple locations 30-60 days per year (non-consecutive) Large, luxurious: 3,4 bedrooms Large, luxurious: 3,4 bedrooms Right-to-use