RCI Presenter

RCI Presenter has provided us with a great way to engage our prospects.  Our sales process has not changed; it’s only been enhanced with educational content, high definition imagery and videos.  It has certainly added a dynamic element to our presentation that has positively influenced sales.

Daniel Green
Vice President of Sales and Operations, Somerpointe Resorts

RCI® Presenter SM is designed to give your current and prospective owners the ability to have a truly “hands-on” learning experience about the benefits and value of vacation exchange like never before. Through this great new touch-screen technology, guests can engage with the innovative and interactive modules that easily showcase the benefits of exchange .

RCI has collaborated with Generator Systems to bring you this exciting sales tool to enhance and energize your sales rooms. Available for use on devices that support iOS®, Android® and Microsoft Windows®.  Navigation is so easy that very often salespeople pass “control” to the guest for even greater involvement and engagement during the presentation. Dramatic video clips, vast databases of resorts, compelling explanatory graphics and striking imagery help inspire your guest to say “Yes” more often and with greater enthusiasm for their upcoming vacation opportunities.

RCI Presenter was designed to complement your existing sales presentation with the goal of integrating sophisticated technology into your sales process. Your sales experience can be lifted to new levels - providing a unique combination of entertainment and information , helping you change perception of the value of timeshare ownership.

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