RCI LiveStream

RCI now brings you a tool designed to keep your sales team in touch with your owners and prospects in a way never before possible! Through the RCI LiveStream® platform , you can talk to your owners directly, even when they don’t come back to the resort.

undefined It’s a virtual solution to help your sales team remove the barriers of conventional selling practices and go right to the living rooms of your owners and prospects – at any time and from any place . You can share videos, digital photos, presentation slides, all while your sales rep remains on camera and speaking to your prospect.

For the first time, you can have an impactful, online discussion with your owners or prospects, using all the tools you would use for a presentation at your sales center . But the tool isn’t just for sales presentations – you can leverage it for any interaction with your owners.

A wealth of flexibility

  • Pitch face-to-face online
  • Run your sales force from anywhere
  • Modern approach for tech-savvy prospects
  • Sell year round despite seasonal guest traffic
  • Full audio and video
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality for sales representative
  • Ability to combine web cam functionality with video presentation or onscreen graphics
  • Intelligent pitch prompts, which provides agents with scripted response based on the discussion topic
  • Timing prompt to make sure you stay on track
  • Scribble pad, text chat and print tools
  • Onscreen customer information
  • Cam-to-cam voice functionality available
  • Share videos, digital photos, presentation slides, etc.

Potential applications

  • New member welcome calls
  • Conversion or upgrade pitches
  • Introductory call for inbound sales prospects
  • Answer follow-up questions from new purchasers
  • Integrate multiple tasks into a single call, covering maintenance fee, resort update, owner messages, upgrade offers, etc.

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