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Surveys or Feedback? Why it matters to your business
January 26, 2016

Courtesy of  CustomerCount , one of our  RCI Affiliate Access®  vendors.

Ever thought about launching a customer satisfaction survey to learn more about your customers?  Surveys only give you a snapshot in time while you want the whole picture through continuous feedback.

Go beyond a survey and use continuous feedback to:

  • Measure your current customers experience to manage toward creating loyalty and engagement.
  • Gather data that is actionable in a timely manner.
  • Accurately access and fine-tune all aspects of your business through customer enterprise feedback management.



About the author:

undefined In November of 1999,  Bob Kobek  launched  Mobius VP, LLC . Since that time, Mobius has morphed into an internationally recognized subject matter expert firm. Its reputation focus is in two prominent areas: 
resort/hospitality, and contact center. Mobius is the designer, manager and deployment company for its SaaS based online customer feedback management system called  CustomerCount™

Prior to forming Mobius, Mr. Kobek spent more than 20 years in the direct marketing industry. He successfully launched and then sold or completed mergers of two companies with core competencies in the teleservices industry. Mr. Kobek has specialized in the integration of marketing and sales through direct marketing, with an emphasis on database management/ marketing, including the design and implementation of more than 150 outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service and order processing operations and interactive information systems. 

Mr. Kobek is a member of the  American Resort Development Association (ARDA) , has been a featured presenter at several of its conferences and serves on four association committees. Kobek is also a member of the Professional Association of Customer Engagement (PACE) where he serves on its national board of directors.  Other committee and board involvement has included being a member of the Timeshare Curriculum Board of the  University of Florida’s Rosen School of Hospitality  and Chairman of the  ISOM Advisory Board at Ball State University .