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Sales Training for Coco Holiday Club by The Carney Hospitality Group
June 27, 2018

In collaboration with RCI, The Carney Hospitality Group (CHG) has recently completed a successful sales training program for Coco Holiday Club, an RCI Affiliate with two affiliated resorts in Vietnam. This is part of RCI’s commitment to support our affiliates who are new to the vacation ownership business, as well as those who wish to expand their existing operations.

In order to create an effective and relevant training course for Coco Holiday Club, George Jones, Chief Training Officer and Consultant at CHG, visited the club’s sales sites and had a productive week meeting up with the marketing, sales, and operations team to assess areas of opportunities. A customized training program spanning over two weeks was then prepared for the teams situated at each of the club’s three sales sites across Vietnam. Each training session covered topics such as handling objections, how to effectively increase empathy and credibility in their sales presentation,  offering a referral program and other useful topics to help the team generate more customer referrals and increase closing percentages and efficiencies. Managers also underwent training to be equipped with a defined roadmap on how to train, motivate, mentor and retain staff.

“I thank George for the very fruitful and powerful training that he had completed for Coco Holiday Club’s three sales sites”, said Duc Nguyen, Training Manager and Interpreter, Coco Holiday Club .  “The training has helped our salespeople better understand where they need to improve in their sales tactics. George has impressed our sales team with his vast knowledge and experience, and the training was delivered with an infectious enthusiasm and passion.”

RCI-CHG Sales Training for Coco Holiday Club

As the pioneer and global leader in the vacation exchange industry, RCI is known for being a trusted partner as well as a full-service, single-source growth alliance for our affiliates. To find out more about how RCI and CHG can help you empower your team and maximize the potential of your business with a customized training program, please contact your RCI Account Manager.