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After a six-month reboot, Boracay Island has been completely reborn
April 18, 2019


Boracay’s beaches are back to their former pristine glory

One of the great positives to come out of the Philippine Government’s decision to close Boracay Island to tourists earlier last year is its complete rejuvenation as a tourist destination.

According to Ricardo Valenzuela, Project Director at Astoria Hotels and Resorts, the island - newly reopened in October 2018 after a six-month revival - providing tourists with an opportunity to appreciate Boracay how it was like “10 to 15 years back”.

“Pristine white sand, crystal clear water plus the removal of all illegal structures along the beachfront makes it a place where one can truly relax and enjoy their time here,” Valenzuela said.  

“Boracay Island is one of the most popular island destinations in the world primarily because of its famous white sand and clear water.”

According to Valenzuela, Boracay offers so much more than its natural wonders; it is also a place where “the unique brand of Filipino hospitality truly stands out”.

“People here treat guests as a part of their own family, taking care of all their needs.”

For visitors to the island, it is this mix of natural beauty and wonderful hospitality which helped make Boracay one of the world’s most popular island destinations.

Moreover, it is the same fusion which makes the island an ideal destination for timeshare owners who are keen on having access to their own little piece of paradise.

With the rehabilitation efforts ongoing, all of the hotels on the island have been forced to comply with stricter environmental regulations.

Beach View from Astoria Current

A stunning beachfront view at the Astoria Current, Boracay.

Worth the wait

Bearing this in mind, only 157 of the accommodation providers out of 350 on the island have been deemed as compliant thus far. For holidaymakers, this means checking on the hotel they are booking into with local tourism authorities before arriving on the island.

The good news for members of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club Inc (AVLCI) is that the Astoria Current property has reopened for business and the company is also investing heavily in reinvigorating its other Boracay property.

Visitors to the newly reinvigorated Boracay will be overjoyed with the work done by the government to restore the island back to its former glory.

“It has been worth the wait. Furthermore, with visitor numbers to the island now being regulated, the whole vacation vibe will be more relaxing,” Valenzuela said.

What it means to a timeshare ownership on Boracay is the simple fact that more than ever, it is an ideal family destination.

“It’s a place filled with beautiful resorts, facilities and stunning long stretches of spotless, pristine white beaches, making it an ideal destination for time with the family.

“What we’ve also seen with the implementation of the new government regulations on the island is the restoration of the serenity of the island. This gives families a better opportunity to bond without any disturbances.

“It’s a more wholesome place with no more smoking or drinking along the beach, no more loud parties and no more annoying vendors constantly selling their wares,” Valenzuela said.

What all this adds up to is a destination appearing on a lot of people’s travel bucket lists. This is a particular boon for consumers who are interested in purchasing a timeshare on Boracay Island. Members will find that the value of their membership will be at a premium, and on top of that they will also have access to over 4,300 resorts in 110 countries worldwide through RCI, the world’s largest exchange vacation company.


Resort in its prime

Right now, a membership with AVLCI allows members to gain access to a resort in its prime.

For AVLCI, the enforced closure of the island provided them with an opportunity to rejuvenate their product offering.

Astoria Boracay had undergone a major renovation while the newer Astoria Current resort received a fresh makeover across the board before its recent reopening.

Astoria Current's Lobby and Pool

The lobby and pool area of the transformed Astoria Current, Boracay.

More importantly, the work on both resorts has ensured AVLCI’s properties on the island are refreshed and well-prepared to lead the charge in the promotion of sustainable tourism practices on Boracay.

This gels nicely with the wider benefits of investing with a company such as AVLCI because timeshare is all about ensuring members can enjoy holidays great properties year after year.


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