RCI Points

RCI Points®, the first global points-based exchange system in the world, is designed to meet members’ demands and fit their changing lifestyles by offering more flexibility to customise their vacation plans. Members can choose where they want to go, when they want to go, what size accommodations they need and how long they want to stay, subject to availability and the number of Points they have available for exchange.

Launched in 2000, RCI Points remains the world’s largest global points-based exchange system, giving your owners great flexibility and choice in their vacation planning, and allowing you to support your sales effort with the premier global exchange product.

What makes the RCI Points exchange programme the global leader? 

  • The only global exchange network that provides your owners with  complete transparency  of available inventory – what’s available for exchange and what it takes to exchange in, as well as the exchange value of their ownership.
  • The only global exchange network that offers the  highest flexibility  – save your Points, extend your Points, borrow your Points, even transfer your Points to other member accounts!
  • The only global exchange network that provides your owners a  full partner programme  which includes car rental, cruises, hotel stays and much more.



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