Supporting Sustainability

The RCI Green Award celebrates RCI affiliated resorts that actively engage in sustainable practices. To determine which resorts are leading the industry in sustainability, RCI has partnered with GreenCircle Certified to assess and rate all that choose to enter the awards program. undefined

Award entrants are judged on their innovations in energy and water conservation, waste management, community outreach, and environmental management.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners. Each will receive an RCI® Green Award plaque and a letter from RCI, and will be recognized for outstanding achievement in sustainability!



2019 Applications

Applications for the 2019 award will begin in October. By applying, not only do you have an opportunity to be recognized as a top green property among the RCI affiliated resorts, you will receive the added advantages that come along with becoming a "green property!"

  • Environmental Commitment - By "going green," you are doing what is great for the environment and your immediate surroundings.
  • Potential Savings - By investing in sustainable best practices, you are setting your property up with potential opportunities to reduce energy consumption and increase savings.