Sales Tools

At 40 years and counting, RCI continues to be the leader and innovator in the industry, and the first to market with fresh, new and unique marketing and technology ideas that provide added value for affiliates and improve the member experience. As part of our RCI 360°® suite of products and services, we offer valuable sales and marketing tools for use throughout your resort's life cycle: undefined

  • Lead Generation: Through RCI ®  Online Tour Generation, we leverage our resources to help bring new prospects to your doorstep.
  • Presentation: We offer tools such as RCI ® Presenter SM and RCI ® V-Trends SM to help you present in a more vibrant, engaging manner to your prospects.
  • Closing Aids: Leveraging the RCI ® Elite Rewards® MasterCard®, you can offer low introductory financing rates along with great rewards benefits for the cardholder. Additionally, inventory certificates and bonus points can provide a great first-day incentive option to use in conjunction with your existing offers.
  • Exits and Incentives: RCI Points Entry is just one way we can work with you to create an effective program that meets your needs. In addition, through RCI ® Custom Incentives and Benefits Platform, you can showcase your own premiums and products in a compelling, professional manner and help keep your prospects engaged after they leave the resort.

In addition, RCI offers access to best-in-class vendors through the RCI Affiliate Access ® program , including video solutions, presentation tools and training assistance.

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How can RCI impact
Your Sales Efforts?

Lead Generation

Let RCI help you bring more leads to your door – whether it’s first-generation prospects through RCI Online Tour Generation, or current RCI subscribing members exchanging in after viewing high-definition video of your property through the RCI TV® network.

RCI Online Tour Generation

RCI TV and RCI® Resort Showcase


RCI has a number of ways to help you sell your product and educate your prospects on the benefits of RCI – whether it’s demonstrating our website, displaying compelling collateral materials, walking prospects through an RCI® Presenter SM demonstration or even setting up remote demonstrations through the RCI LiveStream® platform or the RCI® Online Points Conversion tool.

RCI Presenter

RCI Online Points Conversion Tool

Web Demo Accounts

Sales Collateral Support

RCI LiveStream

Closing Aids

RCI can provide you additional tools to help your sales staff close more sales. Including the RCI Platinum® membership tier as an added purchase benefit, or using the RCI® Elite Rewards® Mastercard® low introductory APR can give you a great competitive edge.

RCI Platinum

RCI Elite Rewards Mastercard


Exits and Incentives

RCI realizes that the sales process doesn’t end when the tour ends. We offer a number of tools such as inventory certificates and  RCI® Points Entry  to complement your exit programs, and you can create and host loyalty programs and online travel benefits through the RCI Custom Incentive and Benefits Platform.

RCI Points Entry

RCI Custom Incentives and Benefits Platform