Two-thirds of garbage ends up in landfills and about 31 percent consists of containers and packaging. A modern glass bottle would take 4,000 years or more to decompose — and even longer if it's in the landfill. Plastics, which make up 12 percent of municipal solid waste, are mostly made from petroleum.



Additional reduction projects:

  • Instead of delivering a newspaper to every guest's room, display them in central areas for those who want a copy.
  • Identify the different waste streams you create, which departments are responsible for which streams, and how each should be managed.
  • Minimize packaging and other activities that tend to produce a lot of waste materials.
  • Try to digitize all invoices, billings and other transactional records.
  • Use eco-friendly utensils and plates whenever possible.
  • Check if your supplier will take back old lamps and dispose of them responsibly.