Inventory Management

RCI®  works with affiliated resorts to provide the most flexible exchange programmes for your owners and to help generate qualified leads for your sales team. To facilitate these common goals, RCI can assist you with allocating your inventory more effectively and in alignment with your business needs.

The Bulk Bank programme is a cooperative effort between RCI and you, allowing you to:


  • Better manage and reduce unused inventory
  • Fulfil year-end demand for unit assignments from your owners
  • Help maximise the trading power for the weeks assigned to your owners
  • Help maximise usage and increase customer satisfaction
  • Generate valuable sales leads with increased inbound exchanges

By depositing your ownership inventory in a Bulk Bank account up to two years in advance of the weeks’ start dates, your owners receive the maximum trading power available for a particular week when it is assigned. Also, by depositing additional inventory up to two years in advance, you are helping your resort to achieve maximum utilisation and to increase the flow of RCI inbound guests who may be potential leads for your sales staff.

Points and Clubs Reconciliation

RCI works with RCI Points ®  affiliates to offer seamless transactions to your owners. RCI Points members can easily exchange within the RCI network, and club owners can even transact within their club’s currency. Our back-end support helps your owners to get the most out of their ownership and provides you with efficient tracking and ceding tools.

Endless Vacation Rentals

Through Endless Vacation Rentals, RCI provides access to a wide range of accommodation via our web-based booking platforms. From Resort Vacation Certificates to our Customer Incentive Benefits programmes we offer a variety of solutions to affiliates who are seeking opportunities to reward, acquire or retain customers and members though their Trial, Experiences or Exit programmes.

For more information contact your
RCI Affiliate Services Manager