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Ventures Magazine Q1 Q2 2018
April 8, 2018

The latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine for the EMEA region is now available, with a major focus on the burgeoning sharing economy.

The sharing economy, or collaborative consumption as it is known, continues to grow as a consumer market sector. Recent research suggests that 75 per cent of consumers believe they will increase their sharing of objects and spaces in the next five years.

In the Q1/Q2 2018 edition of RCI Ventures magazine we take another look at how those in the hospitality sector can maximise their assets by multiplying the opportunities to create and increase revenue streams by capitalising on this ever-popular consumer approach to product and service purchasing.

See the lead feature on page 10 for the views of those in at the deep end, including Ben Woskow of Love Home Swap, Jeff Tisdall, VP, Residential Development International for AccorHotels, and Hassan Kadbi, CEO of Hapimag.

Cyprus is our holiday destination under the spotlight on page 16, where a 14.6 per cent increase in tourist arrivals in 2017 compared to the prior year was reported. We interviewed some of the leading resort developers, financiers and business consultants to get a picture on who is visiting Cyprus, where on the island they favour going and why.

With a demographic of the travellers to the island, we also look at some missed opportunities for the future for those looking to invest in resort development and hospitality product here.

Other topics covered are the potential of a points programme in bringing flexibility and greater value appeal to your product (see page 22), while on page 26 the actions taken by the travel industry to curb the recent escalation in holiday sickness insurance scams on the part of, largely, UK holidaymakers, comes under investigation.

The Golden Visa programme – five years on from launch – is proving another great development opportunity for investors in the hospitality sector. Our feature on page 30 looks at the success of the programme in Portugal, Spain, Malta and Greece.

There are many other relevant discussions within these pages, plus news of the shared-vacation industry and the wider tourism sector. In this issue, as ever, we have done our best to showcase some of the most promising opportunities for growth in the travel and tourism sectors.

You can read the latest issue here .