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Paid Search 101
Paid Search 101
January 24, 2018

How resorts can benefit from beefing up their search-engine ads.

Paid search is a form of web marketing in which brands place ads within a search engine’s sponsored results—typically appearing at the top of the page. Brands only get charged when the ad is clicked (pay-per-click) which can be very cost effective.

What’s the advantage? “The greatest attribute of paid search is its ability to put you in front of potential customers during their moment of need, based on the keyword they enter,” says Faith Aronow, director of digital marketing at RCI. For resorts, paid search can be especially beneficial because, unlike traditional online and print ads that may reach consumers regardless of their interest in the product, paid search targets consumers in market for a specific resort or destination.

If you’re looking to rev up your paid search campaign, consider testing the following tactics:

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