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New car sharing solution in Germany and Denmark
New car sharing solution in Germany and Denmark
February 28, 2018

Europcar Group has launched its Drive & Share solution in Germany and Denmark alongside SnappCar, the second-largest international peer-to-peer car sharing player in Europe.

Europcar Group, a major player in mobility markets, is a significant investor in SnappCar, and the new Drive & Share launch follows a successful pilot phase in France. It also offers further evidence of the popularity of the sharing economy.

Drive & Share is dedicated to people who want to enjoy the flexibility of owning a car but who don’t need to use it often. It allows customers to have access to long-term car rental to answer their mobility needs, which they can share on the SnappCar platform when they don’t need it, making it a good alternative to car ownership.

Drive & Share is an all-in-one solution that includes vehicle, insurance and maintenance. Customers select a package based on their preferred vehicle category and rental package (the rental period ranges from three to 12 months; mileage and insurance package).

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