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LGBT+ travellers go ‘back into the closet’ on holiday
LGBT+ travellers go ‘back into the closet’ on holiday
October 23, 2017

New research from Virgin Holidays reveals the disparity between the experiences of LGBT+ and straight couples on holiday – with many LGBT+ holiday-makers opting to ‘go back into the closet’ while abroad.

More than four in five (84 per cent) of straight couples are at ease showing a partner affection while travelling abroad – and three quarters admit they’re more affectionate with their partners while on holiday than they are at home. However, this is in stark contrast to LGBT+ travellers, with just five per cent showing open affection with a loved one while abroad.

The research also discovered some shocking experiences LGBT+ couples have had while on holiday including one in 10 LGBT+ travellers being threatened with physical violence, a third experiencing discrimination including judgment and ridicule (being stared at, laughed at or verbally abused), and two-thirds of LGBT+ travellers even feeling uncomfortable with everyday activities such as applying sunscreen to their partner’s back.

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