RCI is more than timeshare exchange. The new shape of travel will inspire your owners to own more as we continue to evolve our products to provide even more value to your owners. Now your owners can plan their trips, book their stay, and get member-exclusive savings – all in one spot*. RCI Subscribing Members now have access to these travel benefits from RCI.com

Access to over 600,000+ hotels and 4,200 affiliated properties | Great Deals on Car Rentals | Exclusive deals and savings on cruises
Explore over 200,000+ activities | Best Price Guarantee


More Tours and Prospects

Tours mean business

RCI is committed to helping you grow your business, which includes assisting you with opportunities to bring more first-generation timeshare sales leads to your resorts and sales centers. We continue to support and promote the timeshare industry and the value proposition of shared ownership, working to help cultivate a new generation of potential timeshare owners.


  • RCI TV®
  • Industry Advocacy

Delivering an Unparalleled Pitch

From interest to "YES"

RCI’s value at point of sale goes beyond its best-in-class exchange system. We also provide you with a wide suite of support products ranging from showroom presentation to remote sales tools and online benefit fulfillment platforms. RCI gives you all the tools you need to support your sales force and close more sales.


  • RCI® PresenterSM
  • RCI® LiveStreamSM
  • RCI® Custom Incentives and Benefits Platform
  • First Day Incentive Tools
  • RCI Platinum® Membership
  • RCI® Elite Rewards® Mastercard®
  • RCI® Vacation TrendsSM
  • Sales Support Materials

Driving Down Costs

Offering highly effective management tools

Whether your resort is in active sales or is under HOA board management, day-to-day operations are vital to the success of your project. RCI is equipped to assist your management team with products and services designed to help you better service your owners, improve your efficiencies and give your owners an unparalleled timeshare ownership experience.


  • RCI® Inventory Analytics AdvisorySM
  • TravelVUE®
  • RCI® Contact Center Solutions
  • RCI Connect®
  • RCI® Strategic Sourcing
  • HOA Programs
  • Reporting

Engaging and Retaining Owners

A lifetime of fun vacations

With approximately 3.8 million subscribing members, RCI introduces resorts like yours to millions of potential visitors every year, giving you opportunities for more tours and increased sales. RCI also provides you with value in keeping those members happy and engaged. From our unparalleled exchange experience through RCI Points® and RCI Weeks® to our multi-channel member communication and engagement, we help reinforce the value of a timeshare ownership to your owners every day.


  • Anti-rescission
  • Owner Activation
  • Endless Vacation® Magazine and App
  • Unparalleled Exchange NetworkSM (RCI Weeks and RCI Points)
  • RCI.com and Mobile
  • Social Media

About RCI 360

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